Coin-Op Laundry

Coin-operated machines are a staple in the apartment industry. Seen as a valuable, steady source of income, more and more apartment owners are turning to placing coin-op laundries in their apartment complexes. Renters in thriving Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County will always need a place to wash and dry their clothes, therefore insuring future revenue in the coin-op industry. It is important for apartment owners to do their research on coin-op machines and to partner with a reliable coin-op company.

Best Washer Sales & Service

"As one of the top names in the coin and on-premises laundry business, Best Washer has been leading the way in the industry for the last 25 years. We specialize in commercial laundry equipment services and sales in San Diego, CA and across Southern California, offering top-of-the-line products from Huebsch."

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Ace Commercial Laundry

"We offer a large selection of Coin Laundry equipment & parts for sale to enhance your coin laundry. We also offer servicing with a quick response and low rates."

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National Service

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IR Services

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Golden State Laundry Systems

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Coin-Op Laundry Service

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